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What do you think???

After speaking with more than 25,000 entrepreneurs from 24 different countries, I have asked them all the same question “What do you see as your single greatest challenge in getting your business to where you really…REALLY want them to be?” Do you think I heard 25,000 different things, or the same 15 things over and over again? You can guess it was the latter, but what I found interesting was the fact that most of them all were struggling at specific revenue levels.

Interestingly, their problems remained the same no matter what the revenue. Their success was related to the quality of the problems and how they navigated through them. Statistically, you’ll get hung up at $1MM-$2MM (85% get stuck here) if you didn’t uncover specific distinctions. Then, when you reach $5MM or $10MM, which requires a different skill set, then again at $25MM and to $100MM and beyond. So, the difference that makes the difference between getting STUCK and building a business of your dreams are the SKILLS you have as a CEO and leader of your company. The majority of the time, the buck stops with you. You set the stage. You set the example of the culture (winning or toxic), the standards (high or low), the focus (laser or reactive). The rest of your team will follow…good and bad.


For a business leader who wants to create sustainable growth, (whether you’re starting out or have been in business for years), there’s a necessary shift in business building skills to accelerate breaking through the barrier to the next level of your success.

The bigger question is…

  • Do you want to survive or do you want to thrive?
  • As a business owner, are you creating a job for yourself where you are trading dollars for hours, or have you created a business that can run without you?

Imagine if you could…

  • Have your company run effectively without you having to be involved in every detail.
  • Be a master at client acquisition with at least a dozen active ways working to get new clients.
  • Be a master of strategy and pre-empting your competition every time.
  • Consistently work ON your business versus IN it, increasing profits at every turn.

Well, you don’t have to imagine it.

We get it. You want to increase revenues, profits, and be
a dominant player in your market.

But success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.
So, let’s make sure you love and enjoy working your business while we are growing it.

With 15 years of experience, we have helped over 25,000 entrepreneurs generate over 100’s of millions of dollars in additional sales and  profits, and today we want to give you the opportunity to experience our CEO, Ted Miller III giving you a business breakthrough and solve your single greatest challenge in just 7 minutes.


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Over 6 million businesses are started each year, but a staggering 95% will shut their doors before their first year is over. For those businesses that make it past a year and generate millions of dollars, less than 25% will ever make it past 10 years in business. If you are one of those businesses, congratulations! But…if you are here…

…you want more, right?

Perhaps it is a stronger sales team, or consistent growth in revenues and profitability. Maybe it is an improved culture where your team works more efficiently and enjoys what they are doing. It could be that you are looking for a consistent flow of new, qualified leads and clients or you want to create a company that can run without you having to be involved in every detail. Chances are…it may be all of the above.

Whatever it may be, you are searching to take your business to the next level.

TM3 focuses on expertly guiding small businesses to reach their next level of success. We have worked with business titans such as the late Chet Holmes, Tony Robbins, Robert G Allen, the late Jay Levinson, and Jay Abraham, working with entrepreneurs and business owners all over the world successfully helping them develop the skills necessary to maximize growth and create a culture of success.

We achieve this through various programs and services that fit the needs and budgets of our clients. Whether you are a start up business or a company that has been in business for many years with 50 million dollars in revenue, we can help.


CEO Training

Double your sales in 12 months, have the business run more with out you or simply have more time to do what you love…they are ALL determined by YOUR SKILLS. Your skills will determine if you take your business to the next level. The Ultimate Business Breakthrough Experience is designed to ensure YOU have what it takes to turn your company around, guide it through fast-track growth, and/or set it up to sell or run without you. After speaking with 25,000 entrepreneurs from 24 different countries about their biggest challenges in getting their business to where they really want them to be, we’re ready to solve yours right on the spot! Management, leadership, sales, marketing, innovation skills are all open topics to discuss in making the most profitable choices to guide your business into the future.


Webinars That $ell

Do you want to learn that from a self proclaimed expert that just learned this at a seminar 6 months ago, or someone who has personally hosted over 2,000 Webinars over the last decade resulting in intimate dialogues with more than 25,000 entrepreneurs and generating $100 Million in sales, all virtually? Now, THAT’s the best webinar conversion strategist on the planet, and his name is Ted Miller III. He has helped experts like Chet Holmes crack the code and he’s now teaching business owners like you the secret to hosting webinars that generate sales. Every time. Learn how you can implement this in your business today.


Sales Mastery

Refuse to settle for just being “good” or even “great” in your sales skills performance. Become a Superstar Performer and master your success with elite training principles that engage your full capabilities, coaching to unleash the confidence and mentorship to direct the determination you may not have even realized you possess!



If you are looking for a poised and polished approach where we say all the politically correct things and tip toe around your issues,
this probably isn’t the place for you. Business owners who want to fast track growth must be ready to jump in, get dirty and be willing
to hear things they don’t want to hear. Our approach is raw, real and relevant. It takes grit to start a business and skill and determination to grow it. We cut through the niceties and get down to business. You want results and we are here to help you achieve them. Stop messing around and get serious. It’s your business. It’s your livelihood. This isn’t a hobby for us…this is our passion.
Our deep commitment is to expertly guide you and your business to the next level of massive success.

Great leaders are decisive. Take action. Download our Ultimate Business Owners Guide, sign up for a webinar or request a personal one-on-one call with our CEO, Ted Miller III. Do something. Do it now. You will be glad you did.


The CEO’s Guide to Exploding Hunger and Hustle for Business Profits

It can be a terrific tragedy when you find yourself sleeping in your truck.

As my cold toes peeked from beneath the blanket, there was a bit of comfort, in my discomfort; knowing that I could at least pay my employees this week.

Now, I want to be completely clear on something.

I NEVER signed up for needing to sleep in my truck to run my business.

The biggest desire in my life was to get OUT of the ghetto, not put myself in worse circumstances.

My father did a pretty good job getting us out of the downtrodden urban area, working in an oil refinery in Chicago.

But, I still felt this hunger, a drive.

It was a determination to get out of Small-Ville USA and create more in my life, for myself.

I’m sure you can relate.

As business owners, CEOs and independent entrepreneurs, we thrive on hunger and turning the impossible into something achievable when our backs are against the wall…

…or, when cramped up sleeping against the steering wheel of your vehicle.

Obviously, Chicago isn’t the smallest town around but; the West Coast was calling me.

You, like me, want the nice car and not having to worry about the size of the payments.

We want the nice house, without having to be in debt for the rest of our lives.

What REALLY gets us juiced up is…

…owning and growing our OWN companies, not having to answer to others and the hustle and discipline of growing forward fast and BIG.

Hunger means being the kid with a bunch of brothers or sisters and, if you weren’t at the table on time, striving to be first in line to get the biggest serving of dinner on the plate, or…

…being served the leftover scraps if anything at all!

At least that’s what it was like when I was a young.

The hustle was having the discipline to get done, get good at getting done and being the first in line to claim your reward.

In today’s business climate, the hunger is HUGE but the hustle has become watered down for some reason.

Oh, sure, the term HUSTLE gets thrown around as the power word of the day…

…when most business owners aren’t hustling.

Instead, they’re working their tails off, staying busy, while staying stuck at one revenue bracket or going broke in the process.

But, that’s not you.

No. YOU…

…the CEO of your company or firm, is moving forward.

You are NOT the undisciplined amateur who makes no profit, you simply want to add some zeroes to your bottom line.

You are NOT the lazy street hustler just looking for your next big score, you are the driven business owner who creates long lasting, growth-enabled revenue which will provide your family and future generations with the golden ticket.

You are DEFINTELY not the daydreamer.

You are the dream maker for your family.

That’s why, today, right here and now, I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to know to…

Build Momentum, Get Productive and Grow Your Profits in Business

Businesses and business owners, alike; need to create effective strategy, get deep to the heart of what their customers want and work on their own hunger, desire and productivity to grow year in and year out.

Business growth isn’t always about increasing ad spend, developing more marketing or learning new skills.

It IS, without a doubt, your ability to get to the heart of your customers desires and your ability to enhance your productivity so you can be more energetic and effective as each day unfolds.

I’m sure you’ve hit a wall from time to time, not knowing what to do next to increase your profits.

We’ve all been there but, if you’d allow me just a few short minutes of your time, I’ll show you easy examples of what is most likely holding you back and how you can cut that fat away…


Let’s start with how to research what your customers REALLY want from you, that will have them paying you more often!

How to Research Your Customers’ Desires Correctly

Look, your customers don’t care about buying your product.


This is where the rubber meets the road in growing some momentum in your business.

Years ago, I spent $40K I didn’t have, borrowed money from a girl and hit my mom up for some cash.

All this, to invest in hiring Jay Abraham.

Through this experience, I learned what you are going to realize right now, only you don’t have to invest $50K plus to learn it.

Here’s the deal. Jay turned me onto Chet Holmes, who I later became partners with. Chet taught me about educational based marketing and how it will reveal what is EXTREMELY important to my customers and clients.

I realized, quickly, customers don’t care how much your product cost.

They don’t care about getting something on sale.

They definitely could care less the kind of effort you went through to manufacture the product.

What you need to find out is EXACTLY what they care about.

This is how you begin to build momentum in your business.

By identifying what is the most important thing to your customer, and relaying that message to them effectively, they will pay your price and order without complaint.

Do they want to save money?

Do they want better health?

Do they want more energy, when they come home from work, to play with the kids?

You MUST identify what is EXTREMELY important to THEM!

You are HUNGRY to make things happen, and I understand that.

But, your customers are HUNGRY to get what they want.

Many of us push what WE believe our customers need, not necessarily what they want and what is crucially important to them.

When you find out precisely what this is, your business will start to increase, even double your sales, as long as there are a few other factors in place.

Before we get to these sales exploding factors, you may be wondering how to find out what is extremely important to your customers.

It’s Simple.

Ask them what is extremely important.

Send out an email, a survey, ask while they’re in your store.

Ask as many of them as you can, over the next couple of weeks, and I know you are going to find out; and it’s not what you think it is.

By knowing this critical information, you will be able to construct a message that your market is drawn to and will have them begging for your solution.

So, how can you take the next step toward becoming more explosive in business and see a rise in profits?

We’ll be covering customer and market research more in depth in the future, but let’s get to the meat of what I mentioned earlier…

Education Based Marketing

Before partnering with Chet, I was selling health supplements to chiropractors. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t grow my profits to explosive levels.

That was until I began to implement educational based marketing.

By realizing that, although health for their patients was important to them, they were concerned about growing their practice.

Medical insurance companies were leaving them with bad debt instead of cash for services rendered.

These folks were HUNGRY for growth and that’s when it hit me.

Although health supplements was my primary business, they needed me to teach them how to grow their practice.

So, that’s what I began to pitch them on.

All of a sudden, they were seeing an increase in sales and growth in their practice.

They began to ask me what else I did, and that’s when I told them about my health supplements.

I would speak at their events and they would speak at mine. Together, we began to grow one another’s business simply because I decided to educate them on what they really wanted.

As a result, THEY began to grow my profits in my primary business.

It was a win-win and that is what got me out of my truck, helped to grow my success and start a family.

Through this entire experience, I realized that getting better skills and honing those skills to master my company was what would keep the momentum going.

So, let’s talk about skills but, more importantly; let’s talk about what is more critical to your business growth than skills alone.

Business Skills Development vs. Business Mindset Development

Right now you may be expecting that I’m going to teach you about all the skills you need to develop, as a business owner.

Actually, it’s not your skills that will take you to the next level of your business growth.

First, you MUST develop your mindset, your hunger and your feelings about your adequacy as a business owner.

So many times, prospective clients have come to me wanting to develop the skills they need to grow more sales, marketing their business better and increase the lifetime value per customer.

That IS what I help business owners with but, before they can develop the critical skills towards sales growth they (and you) must first develop your mindset to create a compelling future in your own belief system.

You do not lose profit because you don’t have the skills to make more sales.

You lose profit when your belief in your skills are lacking.

Today, you must begin to etch out your belief in you to create that compelling future.
Write down your current annual income.

Next, divide that number by 365.

Do you have the answer?

THAT is what you need to make, each and every day to make your annual revenue.

Now try this.

Add just 11% to that daily total and multiply THAT number by 365.

Here’s an example of what the above looks like.

Current annual revenue = $685,000
Divided by 365 days = $1876.71
Current Daily times 0.11 = $206.44
11% + Current Daily = $2083.15
New Daily times 365 = $760,349.75

Why all the math? If I asked you what it would take to grow your annual revenue by $80K you may draw a blank and get a sick feeling in your stomach.

But, if I asked you how easy it would be to increase your prices by 11%…

…you’d probably think, “Well, that’s not too difficult.”

You see, growing your revenue and developing your business is not always about skills. It’s usually a case of shifting your focus to believe in your capability to take simple actions to yield bigger results.

I’ve been asked what skills I expect business owners to have before I would consider working with them. Not that I’m trying to piss you off, but I could care less about your skills. Heck, I can teach you the EXACT skills you need.

What we have to care about, before you can work with me, is your mindset, beliefs and willingness to develop your hunger to grow.

When you work on those three or four things, skills for growth are EASY to put into action.

You have to understand, when you have the mindset right, how to have a better day, managing and leading your organization is KEY to business strategy.

“At T3, we help entrepreneurs better implement untested, proven strategies and tactics for helping them design and grow their business.”

Ted Miller III

Let’s talk team for a moment…

Get the Most Out of Your Sales Team that They Have to Give

Are you a dictator, or are you allowing them to grow and shine?

Are you having workshops, to train your folks, or; are you having meetings that gives everyone an opportunity to complain?

As a team leader, or business owner, you must learn to provide constructive and creative workshops.

Training your sales people and employees to be better at their job is great.

But, training your team to shine in their own brilliance and explore their creativity is an awesome environment that makes your people feel larger than themselves.

By fostering an environment of creativity, problem solving and allowing your team to expand and develop their own environment, you create passion, commitment and stellar results in the workplace.

Today, like many past businesses in history, business owners think more training, more meetings and more communication is the key to growth.

The issue EVERY business owner faces with this is, because you are having trainings and meetings to fix problems, these sessions end up being reactionary debacles instead of constructive solutions.

You have the ability to foster skills, grow relationships WITHIN your organization and teach your team to take action when a great idea comes up, instead of reacting to a problem as it occurs.

Being a leader is more than telling people what to do and dictating your doctrine to them.

You must bring them into the fold, help them shine with creativity and THEN, train them to better develop their skills.

If you are looking for substantial growth in productivity and sales, and I know you are, then these are the first steps to get there.

Until business owners realize this, they will spend most of their time trying to add on new “skills” before getting the most out of their sales team that they have to give!

Productivity, Efficiency and Choice Management in Business

You and I, both, are given the same amount of time throughout our day.

Throughout this brain dump of excellence, that this guide truly is, you’ve already learned the deepest recesses, of psychological reasoning, you will ever likely find about true business development.

The trouble is, without engineering a proper thinking and working environment, you’ll still be living in a corporate exclusive environment, which only fosters followers…

…instead of a team oriented inclusive environment that will produce leaders who will always want to be part of your business.

Time management, productivity and efficiency comes down to a matter of choices.

Will you have a meeting, because there was a problem with a client account?

Perhaps, better still, you will conduct a project management training to hone your team’s, already stellar, tracking skills.

Maybe you want to see sales happen faster, without so many business lunches. This would foster faster sales, less overhead in getting the sale and speed to market.

Allow me to ask you this, then…

Is the way you plan and conduct your day or projects liken to the way you want your team to plan their projects?

You may think, “Well, I “try” to schedule and plan effectively, but then a call comes in or a meeting crops up and we’re back to having a disjointed day.”

Think about this for a moment.
We’ve talked about:

– Building momentum, getting productive and growing your profits in business
– How to research your customers’ desires correctly
– Education based marketing
– Business skills development vs. business mindset development
– Getting the most out of your sales team that they have to give
– …and here we are at Productivity, Efficiency and Choice Management in Business
Just imagine, for one moment, you walk into your business and instead of you see your crew yawning, drinking coffee and talking about last night’s game…

…they are already working, before you even walk in the door.

They know what their daily, weekly and monthly tasks and goals are and they are building momentum, being productive and growing your profits in YOUR business without any hand holding.

Your marketing team is diligently researching your customers’ current desires and creating a proper customer avatar.

Your business development, sales and marketing teams are all sitting down with the copy writers to develop a stellar education marketing campaign.

At lunch, that you decided to cater for your team, you are holding a short workshop on project management and allowing your team to share what has been making them unstoppable at getting things done before deadlines.

You have business development skills trainings scheduled for next month, but right now you are immersed in developing your explosive mindset as a business owner.

You are a leader of independent, creative thinkers who are giving you the most they have to give in sales, marketing and service.

Productivity, profit and efficiency in your business comes down to managing your choices, rewarding excellence with allowing creativity and being able to step away and know your business is in good hands.

For you, as a CEO, it’s your time to focus on better offers, networking in your industry and having productive workshops with your managers.

Just think.

It’s 3:30 in the afternoon, you just signed your last performance sheet and you are on your way home to your family.

Tomorrow morning, you’re going to have breakfast with someone you truly care about, workout at the gym and come in a little late…

…to get some work done before your golf lunch with a new prospective client.

As you roll back into the office, at 2pm, you catch up on the day’s progress and tell your managers what you would like to see happen tomorrow.

Tomorrow… that day you’ve decided to take off for a morning out with the kids, play a game of pool with the fellas in the afternoon and wrap up the night with dinner out with your spouse.

Without a care in the world, you are a HUNGRY CEO who has become a leader that creates leaders within his organization.

It only takes 1…

…short step…

…to reach excellence in business.


When is it the appropriate time to use the powerful word = NO?

Typical story of an entrepreneur using “NO”:

After an interaction with me you have committed yourself to a new GOAL. From that commitment you stack on new empowering activities to move you towards your new destiny and something happens: you start to feel overwhelmed. So, in that moment you take my advice and start to use one of the most powerful words in our language: “NO.”

This is where it gets tricky and people make mistakes because the old you, meaning your old habits, suck you back towards apathy.

So let’s stop and look at the action you want to say no to. Unfortunately, people typically say “NO” to the NEW activity moving them towards their goal, thinking that their old mundane activities or habits are sacred and should not be adjusted. BUT that means you are not committed to your commitment. You are letting the use of the word “NO” help you procrastinate and avoid doing what should be done to reach your goal. Let me tell you something you already know, the world does not honor the commitments you personally will not stay committed to! Especially when you unknowingly want to avoid pain or change through the inappropriate use of “NO.”

So what does that mean? You most likely should say “NO” to the thing that falls lower on your priority list. Saying “NO” effectively will allow you to focus on the more important issues, which will result in you getting more done because you are doing less as a result of saying “NO.” Say “NO” to the superfluous activities and say “NO” to the activity that takes you further away from your single most important objective.

If you are trying to justify your decision by saying, “Yeah but Ted I am only one person,” I assume you have yet to get clear on your most important objective and what you really want. You have yet to get COMMITTED to what you deem as the single most important outcome. Once there you’ll say “YES” to what moves you forward and “NO” to the things that have been holding you back. If you are still saying, “Yeah Ted, but I just don’t have the time, money, resources etc…” you most likely still need to look at what you could say “NO” to. Here are some things to consider saying “NO” to: unhealthy relationships, television time, unhealthy foods, non productive thoughts, bad habits, redundant meetings, non-profit boosting expenses and anything that does not serve you, others, and the greater good.

2 the point recap:
Powerful idea: Appropriately use the word “NO”
Efficient deployment: Say “NO” to the “bad” and replace that time to do “good”
Distinction: Prioritization creates clarity for what to say “NO” to

You’ll be surprised how much life will say “YES” to you when you start saying “NO.”

To greater success,

P.S. If you are not sure if you are saying “NO” for the right reasons then contact us for a 7 Minute Breakthrough, where I commit to helping you understand how to get your business to where you really want it to be and all within 7 minutes.


Using Webinars To Grow Your Business

Watch this video where share the inside secrets of using webinars to grow your business on Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane.



“I had the pleasure of working with Ted Miller on training my team of sales staff and he certainly didn’t disappoint. Since the training, I have seen an increase in sales of 40% and an overall improvement in culture that I didn’t personally even think was possible. From start to finish, Ted walked me through his process and asked specific questions to make sure we were aligning the team and strategically improving their performance. Specifically, I enjoyed how he would follow up as he was training to ensure compliance with the team and make sure he was delivering to my needs as well as the staff’s needs. Not only would I recommend Ted’s services to anyone needing help with marketing and sales, I will be using him again & often.

Eleanor Welsh Founder & CEO at Skin Vitality Medical Clinic

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