THE GREATEST JOY he has ever experienced
has come through God’s blessing of a
wonderful wife and 2 beautiful children.

About Ted

Ted Miller III is the CEO of TM3. He has worked with over 25,000 entrepreneurs from 24 different countries to double their sales in 12 months. He not only helped them, he used those skills internally, doubling sales 3 years in a row with his senior business partners, the late, great Chet Holmes and the amazing Tony Robbins.

Ted’s mission is to share with fellow entrepreneurs that you can build your business that you really REALLY want, even if it feel audacious, such as doubling your sales. Now others have said, “that is not possible”, yet over the last decade he has squashed that myth many times!

Clients turn to Ted Miller III’s Training Mastery 3 programs to answer the questions:


How do I get a consistent flow of more new clients?


What will I have to do to get my business to run more without me?


How to become more effective in the face of adversity?


Why isn’t my staff performing at their best?


How can I sell in a profitable way when competition is selling based on price?


Why did we stop growing?

Results speak volumes, so here are some you might relate to.

Covenant Eyes, an Internet Accountability and Filtering company, was struggling when they had reached the “invisible barrier” at around $5MM, could not grow further and started to decline. We got deeply involved and helped turn it around which resulted in them exceeding their goal of $10MM of revenue. Here is a video of CEO, Ron Dehass, sharing his experience at that time of the turn around BONUS insight, initially they wanted to sell the company at $10MM revenue for $10MM. Instead they reached $12MM in revenue and Ron was then offered $15MM to sell the company! Ron said, “It’s an offer I can’t refuse”, but at the last minute he turned it down and hired us again to grow Covenant Eyes to $100MM!

Ron Dehass

When we started working with Dr. Bradley Nelson, the author of the bestselling book, “The Emotion Code”, he was averaging $140k/mo in revenue. He then committed to mastering his business and leveraged our training, coaching and consulting. Together we got the company to faciliate more effective meetings (most reading this know you hate “meetings” but you’ll love the TM3 Innovation Workshops), found under-utilized talent from within to successfully step up into leadership roles, hired superstar sales talent and deployed the TM3 Webinars that $ell model. The company grew revenue by 400% in the first 4 months! On a personal note, Dr. Brad was now able to take significant time off to learn to fly PLUS afford to purchase his very own plane.
Dr. Bradley Nelson


At Training Mastery3, the strategies are immediately applicable and relevant, the relationships raw and inspiring, and the results are nothing short of masterful performance in the professional arenas!

Training Mastery3 is all about journeying to ultimate success, fulfillment, and growth. Will the steps along the way require self-honesty, tough choices, and sweat-and-blood perseverance? Absolutely. Yet if you’re prepared to engage on this higher level, there’s no doubt that it will be well worth the effort.

Learn more about the man, the mission, and the vision that’s making all this possible.

The Mission and The Vision

Integrity. Innovation. Success.

These three words are central to TM3’s entire existence. Ted Miller III delivers honest, tough-love training and content, because that’s what’s necessary to make the business breakthroughs that actually result in long-term growth and profitability. As mobile media, social networks, and interactive technologies continue to evolve, TM3 is growing right along with them, providing cutting-edge personal and business development solutions. And, however a TM3 student or client defines success, that’s the end result we help them make into a reality.

Yet one other value rises above these as the true essence of TM3:


Without the personal approach and intimate interactions Ted Miller III brings to every aspect of his business and training, all the desires for honesty and success wouldn’t be enough to achieve the amazing results he’s secured for others and himself. With out true alignment they’d just be “nice” ideas or generic goals floating around on their own, never realizing their full potential.

Once they’re cemented by this central tenet, gelled into a firm foundation of growth and results by the surrounding context of personal connection, that’s when you see a co-creative and collaborative community form and make strides towards greatness.

In Training Mastery 3, that’s known as “Thought Leaders Dialogue” versus the “Guru’s Monologue.”

This is the sort of connected experience all of us here at Training Mastery 3 invite everyone to take part in, not just to see personal and professional change but also to transform lives around the globe.


Ted, holy cow! You gave me a training today on your sales process. All I can say is inspirational! Same day, I just landed two clients using your strategies worth $100,000+ bonuses on the year. And the best part is the conversation

was effortless, engaging, clear and simple. You are Brilliant! I also must add that your CEO skill training is second to none… what’ I’ve learned from you in terms of time management, building culture, leadership and even personal accountability have literally changed my life forever. Any CEO, President or Business Owner interested in growth, needs to work with you and your team… you are amazing and have a culture of over-delivering. Thank you for all you give and do Ted, you have been instrumental in helping me break through barriers holding me back personally and professionally.

-Nathan Kievman CEO at The Linked Strategies Group

I had the pleasure of working with Ted Miller on training my team of sales staff and he certainly didn’t disappoint. Since the training, I have seen an increase in sales of 40% and an overall improvement in culture that I didn’t personally even think was possible. From start to finish, Ted walked me through his process and asked specific questions to make sure we were aligning the team and strategically improving their performance. Specifically, I enjoyed how he would follow up as he was training to ensure compliance with the team and make sure he was delivering to my needs as well as the staff’s needs. Not only would I recommend Ted’s services to anyone needing help with marketing and sales, I will be using him again & often.

Eleanor Welsh Founder & CEO at Skin Vitality Medical Clinic

I’ve never been so energized by a business course or coach before! Ted Miller lll training/coaching business guides CEOs through an insightful and stellar process to reach utmost success. A smart and passionate communicator, Ted imparts his fine tuned stategic approach to act and think like CEOs, reminding us that time,management, discipline and leadership mindset, are keys to success. Ted Miller lll provides the most impactful Strategic Training, coaching and accountability program for success every business leader should experience if you want to understand and run a highly profitable business. For the Ceo who thinks you’ve reached the top, Ted Miller lll delivers leadership strategies that fine tune your time, people and management skills for ultimate success. Invest in Ted Millers training and coaching program and keep your skills, refreshed and your time managed for true sustainability. If you are searching for the true keys to business leadership and success you owe it to yourself to try just one session with Ted Miller. You will find passion, motivation, integrity and accountability.

Pam Levine Founder & CEO at Levine Luxury Branding

I decided to invest in your training/coaching program and I have to say it was worth every cent and more. Even though I have completed all of the live trainings, I love having access to the recordings in the Resource Center. Being able to listen on my own time is what I really need. The trainings cover every major aspect of learning how to run my office. I especially like that there are people on the line at different stages of their growth and from different industries. It’s great to learn that all of us have the same issues and that there are solutions. Thanks for providing such a great resource for learning!

Jason Piken DC, CNS Innate Chiropractic of Manhattan

With the help and guidance of our coach, Valerie and Ted Miller III, we have made a very long-term goal a reality. For the month of June we just hit an all time best services rendered of $81,872!! Our previous best was $78,510 which was in March of 2010 before my event and $76,849 in Jan 2012 after the event. Our long-term goals has been to have a million dollar practice before our son Justin joins us in the practice and that translates to $83,333 per month which means that we were only $1,461 away from that goal! What is remarkable is that most million dollar practices have several doctors and practitioners and were doing this with just Danuta and I, and most importantly the emphasis is on extraordinary patient care. I should also tell you that our collections were the best at $69,651 so we are being justly compensated for our compassionate care. Thank you, TM3, for being invaluable catalysts to our business transformation!

Dr. Richard Caskey DC

Case Study Dr. Bradley Nelson, founder of the Healer’s Library and author of the bestselling book “The Emotion Code”, was averaging $140k/mo over a period of 5 months and wanted to reach and serve more people in an effort to facilitate their purpose of raising the vibrational level of the planet. Dr. Nelson knew there was a lot of work to be done. Through our work together, he got committed to mastering the business, leadership, and management skills. The company had the drive, desire, motivation and inspiration to learn and develop the skills necessary to take their business to the next level and engaged us to help them in getting there. As a result, The Healer’s Library grew by 400% in just 4 months! Then over the next 3 months he was exceeding his trajectory for $6MM and getting closer to his goal of in making a huge, positive impact on a global level. He celebrated by taking 2 months off to learn to fly and bought himself a private plane!

Dr. Bradley Nelson  founder of the Healer's Library and author of the bestselling book "The Emotion Code"