Solve the BIGGEST challenge you have in getting your business to where you really want it to be in just 7 Minutes!

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In this day and age of texting, tweets and curt e-mails, what ever happened to thoughtful, detailed responses and dialogues when discussing someone’s biggest challenges?

That is why I am willing to have an actual conversation – as in talking, not typing or through voicemail – speaking with focused attention to solve the single biggest challenge you have in getting your business to where you really really want it to be.

This means casual conversation is NOT allowed! We’ll get straight to the heart of the matter and I promise I won’t waste your time –
“I’ll “get ‘er done” within 7 minutes!” ~ Ted Miller III, CEO of TrainingMastery3

7-Minute Business Breakthrough Session

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It is inevitable that you’re going to face countless challenges from dealing with everything from severe budget limits to difficult employee relations, from down-turned markets with competition taking market share to innovating your sales and marketing strategies.

Are you prepared to meet these issues head-on to the utmost of your abilities? Do you have the best tools and resources at hand to transform these challenges into profitable opportunities?

What’s essential to fulfilling your potential as a leader, as a CEO?



CEO Skills training – Your skills as a CEO/ Entrepreneur will determine your businesses success more than your product or service ever will!

Successful management means being able to employ core skill sets as the situation requires: leadership, management, sales, and marketing.

For decades, Ted Miller III has worked with CEO’s across the world, helping them develop these critical skills, discover their strengths and weaknesses, and transform their entire approach to business.

Ted’s wide perspective on strong and effective leadership is formed by working with over 25,000 entrepreneurs in business trainings designed to solve their greatest challenges plus his own executive-level performance in taking companies of all sizes to the top!


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Breakthrough Session



“Ted, holy cow! You gave me a training today on your sales process. All I can say is inspirational! Same day, I just landed two clients using your strategies worth $100,000+ bonuses on the year. And the best part is the conversation was effortless, engaging, clear and simple. You are Brilliant!”

Nathan Kievman, CEO at The Linked Strategies Group

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